Who hid in Moseley Old Hall?

Who hid in Moseley Old Hall?

King Charles II
Moseley Old Hall, on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, was the hiding place of King Charles II, on the run from Cromwell’s army. You can see the priest hole where the exhausted King hid from the search parties in 1651, before making his escape to Europe.

When was Moseley Old Hall built?

We constructed it in 1962 using a 17th-century design.

How Old Is Moseley Old Hall?

Moseley Old Hall was built in 1600 for Henry Pitt, a merchant. This rambling, gabled house with two groups of tall Elizabethan chimneys was case in red brick in 1870. The original timber-framing and wattle-and-daub infill can still be seen in the attics.

Who owns Moseley Hall?

Moseley Hall was then occupied by William Dawes and then in 1884 Richard Cadbury rented the Hall, opening the hall in 1887 for Victoria’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. In 1890 Richard Cadbury bought Moseley Hall, in total 22 acres, for £16,450 from the Taylor Estate.

Where is Moseley Old Hall in the UK?

Moseley Old Hall is located in Fordhouses, north of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom.

When did Cadbury build Moseley Hall in Birmingham?

The rest of the land was developed for housing following the building of Salisbury and Chantry roads, linking Alcester Road to Pershore Road via the estate. In 1891 Cadbury presented Moseley Hall to the City of Birmingham for use as a children’s convalescent home. It joined the National Health Service in 1948.

When did Leon Mazurek move into Moseley Old Hall?

Either way, it is remarkable that Moseley Old Hall has survived the bulldozers and developers to this day and it remains a wonderful living reminder of the type of homes which the “well-to-do” lived in in the post Elizabethan era. Following only one previous family since the 1950s, Leon Mazurek moved into the hall in 1992.

When did King Charles escape from Moseley Old Hall?

After the final battle of the English Civil War, the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651, King Charles II escaped and was on the run from Parliamentarians. Charles arrived at the back door of Moseley Old Hall in the early morning of 8 September, after the journey from Boscobel House.