Who died December 1997?

Who died December 1997?

Floyd Cramer, 64, American pianist, lung cancer. Billie Dove, 94, American actress. Richard Elman, 63, American novelist, poet, and journalist. Michael LeMoyne Kennedy, 39, American lawyer, son of Robert F.

Who died on December 22?

Died December 22. Joe Cocker was one of the most distinctive performers of the rock era, electrifying audiences with his gravelly voice and wild dancing.

Who died in October 1997?

October 1997

  • Francisco Aramburu, 75, Brazilian footballer.
  • George Kisevalter, 87, American operations officer of the CIA.
  • Jerome H.
  • Neil O’Connor, 80, Australian experimental psychologist, traffic incident.
  • Inbal Perlmuter, 26, Israeli rock musician, singer, composer and lyricist, car accident.

Are there any notable deaths in the year 1997?

The following is a list of notable deaths in 1997. Names are listed under the date of death and not the date it was announced. Names under each date are listed in alphabetical order by family name. Deaths of notable animals (that is, those with their own Wikipedia articles) are also reported here.

When did the New York State Death Index start?

New York State Death Index, 1880-1956free from FamilySearch with images of the index from Reclaim the Records; requires registration; Deaths for Yonkers, Buffalo and Albany are not included until 1915.

Where are the death records in New York City?

New York City Death Records Index, 1862-1948 (at Ancestry/index is free with registration) includes Manhattan 1867-1948; Brooklyn 1862-1948; Bronx, Queens, and Richmond 1898-1948; includes date and place of death, and age for most of the entries

When did New York City start issuing death notices?

New York City Death Notices 1801-1890 (Barber Collection)(requires payment) extracted from the New York Evening Post (1801-1890) and the Brooklyn Eagle (1841-1845 & 1851-1890) New York City Marriage Indexes 1866-1937coverage varies by borough New York City Birth Indexes 1878-1909coverage varies by borough Bronx County