Which part of Wales is Glamorgan?

Which part of Wales is Glamorgan?

southern Wales
Glamorgan, Welsh Morgannwg, historic county, southern Wales, extending inland from the Bristol Channel coast between the Rivers Loughor and Rhymney. In the north it comprises a barren upland moor dissected by narrow river valleys.

What towns are in South Glamorgan?

South Glamorgan

  • Barry.
  • Cardiff.
  • Cowbridge.
  • Dinas Powys.
  • Llancarfan.
  • Llandow.
  • Llantwit Major.
  • Ogmore by Sea.

Does Glamorgan exist?

The historical county of Glamorgan no longer exists as an administrative area. However, some county level sports teams, for example Glamorgan County Cricket, still use the title. Currently, the county is divided into eight administrative districts, with the largest and most important being Cardiff and Swansea.

Is Glamorgan in Monmouthshire?

It corresponds approximately to the present principal areas of Monmouthshire, Blaenau Gwent, Newport and Torfaen, and those parts of Caerphilly and Cardiff east of the Rhymney River….Monmouthshire (historic)

Monmouthshire Welsh: Sir Fynwy
• Succeeded by Gwent, Mid Glamorgan, South Glamorgan

Where is the county of Glamorgan in Wales?

Glamorgan, or occasionally Glamorganshire, (Welsh: Sir Forgannwg or Morgannwg) was one of the thirteen historic counties of Wales. It was a maritime county bounded to the north by Breconshire, to the east by Monmouthshire, to the south by the Bristol Channel, and to the west by Carmarthenshire.

Where are the main towns in South Glamorgan?

As well as Cardiff, the county included the main towns of Barry, Cowbridge, Llantwit Major and Penarth . Local government of the county was shared, sometimes in conflict, between South Glamorgan County Council, Cardiff City Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Borough Council.

When was the county of South Glamorgan formed?

South Glamorgan. South Glamorgan ( Welsh: De Morgannwg) is a preserved county of Wales . It was originally formed in 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972, as a county council area. It consisted of the county borough of Cardiff along with the southern part of the administrative county of Glamorgan,…

Where is the Gower Peninsula in South Wales?

The beautiful Gower Peninsula was the United Kingdom’s first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Bridgend is a town in Glamorgan, South Wales. It is the principal town of the County Borough of Bridgend and has a population of around 40,000 people. Pontypridd is a town in Glamorgan.