Which is the No 1 clean city in India?

Which is the No 1 clean city in India?

Apart from Indore, Khargone is yet another city from the state of Madhya Pradesh that made it to the list of the cleanest cities in India.

Which is the largest No 1 city in India?

Largest Cities in India
City State/Territory
1. Mumbai Maharashtra
2. Delhi Delhi
3. Kolkata West Bengal

Which is the dirty city in India?

Patna is declared the dirtiest city of India. This capital city of Bihar has a population of 1 million.

How are cities in India ranked by area?

The cities are ranked by the area governed by local political bodies such as Municipality or Municipal Corporation. This is a list of cities in India with an area of more than 400 km 2. For the list of largest metropolitan areas in India, see List of metropolitan areas in India. ^ “Metropolitan Cities of India” (PDF).

How to calculate population of a city in India?

Definitions: 1 The list is based on population within the boundaries of the respective Municipal Corporations and not the actual urban area. 2 Towns/Cities with populations of 1 lakh (100,000) are categorized as Class-I towns or Cities 3 The 46 cities with populations of 1 million and above are known as Million Plus UA s or Cities

Which is the best smart city in India?

The Smart Cities Index analysis highlights the performance of Indian cities as of the year 2015-16. Pune tops the overall city ranking, followed by Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Coimbatore and Kochi.

Which is the worst city in North India?

Even cities such as Lucknow, Allahabad, Patna and Jamshedpur ranked in the bottom 20 of the Index, thus stressing the need for a more strategic approach towards urban development in North India. Some of the Tier-II cities performed better in the index compared to the Tier-I cities.