Which is the best counter for Talon in Lol?

Which is the best counter for Talon in Lol?

Main Role Order: Mid Lane > Jungle > Top Lane > Support > ADC Use win rate and GD15 to find the best Mid Lane champion who counters Talon. Win Champion Select with Talon counters for LoL S11 Patch 11.11. Main Role Order: Mid Lane > Jungle > Top Lane > Support > ADC More… These picks are strong against Talon at many stages of the game.

What kind of armor does a talon build?

Most Talons build armor penetration, so building armor is utterly useless until you hit around 250 armor, so high health items would prove more useful than high armor items No tips found. Be the first to submit a counter tip!

When to Go Bot in the talon matchup?

After 6 in the Talon matchup you will push (with or without minion demat) -> go bot ONLY when you see him being ON LANE.

What’s the best way to match up with Talon?

Its a pretty hard matchup since talon has a way more burst than you and way more map mobility even from the first few levels. Best option is going ELEC+BONEPLATING, and unless you are already winning lane rush seeker’s and avoid getting bursted before level6.

What to do when Talon is on cooldown?

Talon is very vulnerable when his Cutthroat is on cooldown. Try to take advantage of the situation when it is on cooldown. Talon only deals Physical damage, so building armor will lower his damage output significantly. Make sure someone on your team carries a Pink ward for a teamfight to detect him during his ultimate.

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