Where is Fetzer made?

Where is Fetzer made?

Mendocino County
Wine production now occurs in a facility in Hopland, an area under the greater Mendocino County AVA. Grapes are mostly sourced from regions in the North Coast with the majority of the wines in the Fetzer catalogue carrying the broader California appellation designation.

What happened to Fetzer wine?

HOPLAND — Brown-Forman Corp. (NYSE: BFA, BFB) today said it has agreed to sell Fetzer Vineyards to Viña Concha y Toro S.A. (NYSE: VCO) for $238 million after reviewing options for Mendocino County-based wine operations.

Is Fetzer good wine?

It is extremely rare to be able to endorse an entire line of wine from a particular winery, but with the exception of Fetzer’s pinot noirs, an occasional bland chardonnay and the winery’s port, the most recent offerings from Fetzer Vineyards are consistently above average to very good in quality.

What wines does Fetzer own?

Fetzer Favorites Fetzer is also known for innovative wines such as 1000 Stories, the original bourbon barrel-aged wine, consumer favorites like Adorada, Anthony’s Hill, Jekel Vineyards, Sanctuary Wines, and imports including Cono Sur and Viña Maipo.

When did they start making Fetzer wine in California?

It should be true to the grape and true to the land. We’ve been making wine this way in California since 1968. Fifty years later, there’s still a delicious bottle of Fetzer to reach for on any given Tuesday night. These are wines that never compromise on flavor, never cut corners on quality. Great taste, pure and simple.

What makes Fetzer wine good for the Earth?

Since 1968, Fetzer has stood by a simple philosophy: What’s good for t… Since 1968, Fetzer has stood by a simple philosophy: What’s good for the Earth is good for the grape, and what’s good for the grape is good for the wine.

Where is Fetzer Vineyards in Mendocino County located?

Fetzer. Fetzer Vineyards, America’s sixth largest premium wine producer, has been producing high quality varietal wines since 1968 in beautiful Mendocino County. In 1958, lumber merchant Barney Fetzer bought a ramshackle ranch in Redwood Valley as a home for his wife and a soon-to-be family of eleven children.

What kind of wine did Barney Fetzer make?

After Barney Fetzer launched his winery, he helped create the flavor profile that made Chardonnay the nation’s most popular wine variety, and Fetzer’s Valley Oaks Food and Wine Center anticipated the farm-to-table movement.