Where did the term throw you under the bus come from?

Where did the term throw you under the bus come from?

The origins of throw someone under the bus have been attributed to minor league baseball, Cyndi Lauper, the slang of used car salesmen, and various other improbable sources. The earliest written record we have of under the bus being used in this fashion comes in 1980, in reference to a British politician.

What does the expression thrown under a bus mean?

AMMON SHEA: We define throw someone under the bus as to criticize, blame or punish, usually, someone in a vulnerable position, and it’s especially in order to avoid blame or to gain an advantage.

Is it bad to throw people under the bus?

Throwing a colleague or employee under the bus is one of the best ways to destroy a team’s resilience. By doing so, you demonstrate a lack of consideration by sacrificing a loyal teammate for a temporary and often minor advantage.

Why does my husband throw me under the bus?

One is when your spouse throws you under the bus. A strong indicator is when a party has so little respect that they publicly humiliate their spouse. Often times, the insult is a throw away gesture, dismissive as though the notion that embarrasing your spouse in public as a faux pas is too far removed to be considered.

Where did the phrase ” throw someone under the bus ” come from?

The exact origin of this idiom is unclear. Most sources agree that it appeared sometime in the 1980s or early 1990s. Some say it was especially popular in the contexts of sports and politics. This expression carries the connotation of blaming another person for one’s own mistake.

What does the idiom under the bus mean?

It is possible the idiom comes from the literal meaning. If a person throws someone under a real bus, it would certainly hurt that person, and be a sudden betrayal. In the following example, two friends are discussing a betrayal that one of them experienced.

Where does the phrase ” look like the back of a bus ” come from?

Particularly ugly, unattractive, or sexually undesirable. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Many people in this profession still hold the view that if you don’t have a face like the back of a bus, you’re only getting ahead because of your looks. He looks like the back of a bus, but he’s a really sweet and intelligent guy. 1.

Why do people say girls are like buses?

The phrase alludes to the fact that one has many opportunities in life to meet women, just as a bus comes frequently to pick up passengers. The phrase is sometimes extended to reflect this, as in, “Girls are like buses—there’s always another one coming.”