Where can I get retro 50s diner furniture?

Where can I get retro 50s diner furniture?

Please ask us about providing you with one of these really cool retro ’50s Diners: NewRetroDesign.com Artifax Design is proud to provide the custom retro design services, booths, tables, chairs, metal ceiling tiles, car booths, stools and unique decor for the Beverly Hills Diner 1 and 2 in Moscow, Russia.

Where was the Retro 50’s Diner game room?

We provided our custom built retro 50s Diner furniture to the show’s designers for Clean House, Messiest Home ’09: Mind Games . Our Modular set, Bar Tops and Stools helped turn a family’s basement in Cincinnati into a retro 50’s Diner Style Game Room to be proud of.

What kind of furniture is used in diners?

In addition, our line of Retro Restaurant Furniture, Retro Home Bars, Retro Basement Bars, Retro Bar Furniture, Vintage Home Decor, Retro Stools, Retro Tables, Vintage Kitchen Furniture, and Retro Game Room Bars are designed as a “signature” piece for your “retro” room, or diner.

What kind of vinyl is used in retro diners?

We have 5 different grades of vinyl to choose from. The quality is the same but the design and colors are yours to choose. Decorate your walls with style with our Retro Décor collection. From Retro Neon Clocks, Coca Cola Neon. Turn down the lights and wow your guests with a marvelous display of neon color.

What did dining tables look like in the 1950’s?

This Bar Table is a stripped-down dining table with a sleek silhouette and chic look. Taking notes from the iconic chair styles of the 1950’s, this table takes your decor on a trip through time with its streamlined, mid-century design.

Which is the best retro style dining table?

The bar table is fully handmade, and the craftsmanship adds to its spectacular retro style. Every step of the process is carried out with the greatest care, be it recombining, polishing, painting or waxing. Dinner parties and family breakfasts serve up inviting ambiance with this retro-influenced yet contemporary dining table.

Who was the designer of the 1950s dining room set?

Beautiful design table and chairs by Hans Olsen for Frem Røjle Møblefabrik in 1953.The set is made of teak wood and comes with 6 chairs that disappear from the table in the apron, ma… For your consideration this marvellous and so elegant dining room suite of Italian design manufactured in the 1950s, composed by the dining table with six chairs.