Where are the Sunni and Shia located?

Where are the Sunni and Shia located?

Numbers. Sunni Muslims are vast majority of Muslims in most Muslim communities in Central Asia (including China), Europe (including Russia and the Balkans), South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Arab World, Turkey and among Muslims in the United States where in Shias are approximately 10%.

What was the original split between Sunni and Shia?

Though the two main sects within Islam, Sunni and Shia, agree on most of the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam, a bitter split between the two goes back some 14 centuries. The divide originated with a dispute over who should succeed the Prophet Muhammad as leader of the Islamic faith he introduced.

What is the differences between Shia and Sunni?

Those who followed the Prophet’s closest companion (Abu Bakr) became known as Sunni (the followers of the Prophet’s example – Sunnah). Those who followed the Prophet’s cousin and son-in-law (‘Ali) became known as Shi’a (the followers of the Party of ‘Ali – Shi’atu Ali).

What does Shia believe in?

Shia Muslims believe that just as a prophet is appointed by God alone, only God has the prerogative to appoint the successor to his prophet. They believe God chose Ali to be Muhammad’s successor, infallible, the first caliph (khalifah, head of state) of Islam.

What is the conflict between Sunni and Shia?

The main reasons behind this serious conflict between Sunni and Shia sects are following. · The most important reason behind Sunni Shia conflict is the Shia belief that only persons of the Prophet’s household (ahl al-bayt) have the right to lead Muslims after the death of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

What areas of Islam are dominated by the Shia?

Shia Muslims are a numerical majority in Iraq and Bahrain . Nearly half of the Muslim population in Lebanon and Yemen [1] [2] are Shia . There is also a significant (30-40% Kuwait, 15-20% in Saudi Arabia, 10% in Qatar) presence of Shia Muslims in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf , especially in Saudi Arabia.

What’s the difference between Sunni and Shiites?

Sunnis also have a less elaborate religious hierarchy than Shiites have, and the two sects’ interpretation of Islam ‘s schools of law is different. Shiites give human beings the exalted status that is given only to prophets in the Quran , often venerating clerics as saints, whereas Sunnis do not.

What are the Sunni Muslim countries?

At least 85% of Muslims are Sunnis. They are the majority in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Shiites are the majority in Iran and Iraq. They also have large minority communities in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, and Azerbaijan .