When is the last DFCU Financial webinar available?

When is the last DFCU Financial webinar available?

Our financial education webinar schedule through the end of 2021 is available. Join us from the comfort of your home and learn how to master your finances. Important: Please remember that DFCU Financial will never ask you for confidential information.

Where is the DFCU ATM in Ann Arbor Michigan?

The DFCU ATM on the Michigan Medicine campus has moved and is now located in the vending machine area, Medical Science Research Building II, right by the cafeteria. Our financial education webinar schedule through the end of 2021 is available.

What to do if you get a call from DFCU Financial?

If someone calls and requests your account information, debit card PIN, or online banking password—even if it appears to be from a DFCU Financial phone number—please immediately terminate the call and contact us at 888.336.2700.

What makes Deseret First Credit Union a good credit union?

We embrace the values of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but we also celebrate diversity of experiences and perspectives. Our shared “why” of faith creates a supportive relationship that allows you to be you, all while helping you achieve financial success.

Is there a call centre for DFCU Bank?

Consider all email requests for such personal information to be suspicious and if in doubt, please contact us through our call centre (+256) 0414-351-000 or 0800 222 000. Access to Internet and Mobile Banking is restricted to only dfcu Bank customers who have successfully completed the self-onboarding process.

How to get a DFCU Financial perks account?

Simply call 888.336.2700 or visit your nearest branch and let us know you’d like a DFCUPerks or DFCUPerks Plus account. We’ll be happy to upgrade you and get you activated with our Perks app so you can start saving immediately.

When do DFCU branches return to normal operating hours?

We are happy to announce that starting Monday May 3rd, all branch lobbies will return to normal operating hours. Please know that the safety of our members and staff remain our highest priority and we are taking measures to protect those who enter our branches.