When do you use Pegred Powder?

When do you use Pegred Powder?

Pegred Powder for Oral Solution is used as a laxative for the treatment of Constipation. It is also used to help stimulate bowel movements. Key Benefits: It is useful in the treatment of constipation.

How do you use Pegred C Powder?

Pegred C Powder is prescribed for the treatment of constipation, acid indigestion and electrolyte imbalance. Directions of use: Take Pegred C Powder orally. Use under medical supervision.

What is polyethylene glycol used for?

Polyethylene glycol 3350 is used to treat occasional constipation. Polyethylene glycol 3350 is in a class of medications called osmotic laxatives. It works by causing water to be retained with the stool. This increases the number of bowel movements and softens the stool so it is easier to pass.

What happens if you take too much polyethylene glycol?

Overuse may cause diarrhea, excess loss of body water (dehydration), and mineral imbalance (e.g., low sodium). If you are using nonprescription polyethylene glycol for self-treatment of occasional constipation and this treatment has not worked after 7 days, talk to your doctor for additional treatment advice.

What does pegred powder do for your body?

Pegred Powder is a stool softener used in the treatment of occasional constipation. It prevents dry and hard stools and allows for easy passage of stools. It is also used before certain medical procedures to empty the bowels. This medicine can also be found in a number of other products including skin creams, eye lubricants, food additives, etc.

What are some of the uses of peglec powder?

Uses Of PEGLEC POWDER Uses Of Salt: Polyethylene Glycol It is used to treat the problem of constipation. It works by increasing the bowel movements and retaining the water in the stool thus making the stool softer which helps in easy passage from intestine.

What kind of drug is pegred for constipation?

Register with us. Pegred, a prescription drug, is manufactured in various forms such as Powder. It is primarily used for the treatment of Constipation. The right dosage of Pegred depends on the age, gender, and medical history of the patient.

What are the side effects of pegfiber powder?

Consult your doctor if any of the following rare, but severe side effects occurs: 1 Irritable bowel movements 2 Stomach Pain 3 Persistent diarrhoea 4 Bloody stools 5 Allergic reactions