What were the names of the original bowl games?

What were the names of the original bowl games?

What Were the Original College Football Bowl Games?

  • Rose Bowl – 1902. First played in 1902, the Rose Bowl was the first college football bowl game in history.
  • Orange Bowl – 1935.
  • Sugar Bowl – 1935.
  • Sun Bowl – 1935.
  • Cotton Bowl – 1937.
  • Gator Bowl – 1946.
  • Citrus Bowl – 1947.
  • Liberty Bowl – 1959.

What were the original 5 bowl games?

By 1940, there were five major college bowl games: the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl (1935), the Cotton Bowl Classic (1937), the Orange Bowl (1935), and the Sun Bowl (1935).

Which is the oldest bowl game?

The Rose Bowl Game
The Rose Bowl Game, played at Rose Bowl stadium (shown), is the oldest currently operating bowl game—first played in 1902, it has been played annually since 1916.

Which is the biggest college bowl game?

The New Year’s Six, sometimes abbreviated as NY6, is an unofficial but commonly used term that refers to the top six major NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) bowl games: the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl.

Are there any silly names for bowl games?

Of course, you have old classics like the Rose Bowl or the Orange Bowl, but some bowl game names are just downright silly. We’ve compiled a list of funny college football bowl game names that have appeared throughout history.

Which is the oldest college football bowl game?

The game is played at the Rose Bowl stadium, typically on January 1st (though sometimes January 2nd). Being the oldest college football bowl game, the Rose Bowl is famously called “The Granddaddy of Them All”. 2. Orange Bowl – 1935

How did the Rose Bowl get its name?

The first was dubbed the Tournament East-West Football Game and sponsored by the Tournament of Roses Association. Beginning in 1916, the game became an annual contest. Fast forward to 1923, and a much more catchy name was bestowed on the game. The Rose Bowl was born, and let’s just say it became quite a hit with the masses.

Are there any other major college bowl games?

The following decade, other major bowl games were introduced. The Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Sun Bowl all debuted. Each of them have stood the test of time and are still going strong today. In the decades that followed, even more games were added.