What was the name of the Piano Man?

What was the name of the Piano Man?

Song background. Since he needed work to pay the bills, but could not use his better known name, he worked at the Executive Room bar as a piano player using the name “Bill Martin” (Joel’s full name is William Martin Joel).

When did the song Piano Man come out?

Piano Man (song) His first single in North America, it was included on Joel’s 1973 album of the same name and later released as a single on November 2, 1973. The song is sung from Joel’s point-of-view working as a piano player at a bar, reminiscing on his experiences working there and the people that he encounters.

Who is the twin brother of Piano Man?

Also, Klaudius Kryšpín’s twin brother Richard who lives in Columbus, Ohio, United States, confirmed that Piano Man had a striking resemblance to Strnad. Another person who argued that Strnad might have been Piano Man was Michael Kocáb, the singer of Pražský výběr and a former adviser of Václav Havel.

Who is the Piano Man in Prazsky vyber?

BBC News reported on 29 May 2005 that a Czech musician called Klaudius Kryšpín, the drummer of a Czech rock band Pražský výběr (“Prague Selection”), had rung the helpline, offering information that Piano Man might be a pianist called Tomáš Strnad, who along with Kryšpín was a member of the tribute band Ropotamo in the 1980s.

Who was the original Piano Man Elton John?

The song is so well known that during Joel’s concerts, he usually lets the audience sing the chorus. In concert, Joel often performs “Piano Man” as a finale. During the first Face to Face tour featuring Elton John and Joel, ads promoted the event as “Rocket Man meets Piano Man”.

Is the song Piano Man a true story?

It’s a true story and I knew when I was doing the gig, I said, ‘I gotta get a song out of this,’ and it worked out. Even the girl in the song that says, ‘And the waitress is practicing politics, as the businessmen slowly get stoned,’—that was my first wife. She was working there too, as a waitress.”

When did Billy Joel release the Piano Man?

In 1973, Billy Joel released his legendary ‘Piano Man’ album. Listen to Billy Joel perform the title track ‘Piano Man’. http://smarturl.it/BJ_CJPM_YT?IQid=yt…

Why was Piano Man flown back to Germany?

The unnamed source also suggested that the Piano Man used to work with the mentally ill, and thus was able to mimic their behaviour, thereby fooling the hospital staff. According to the tabloids, he has been flown back to Germany where his father (a farmer) and his two sisters live.