What was the movie Detroit Rock City about?

What was the movie Detroit Rock City about?

The rock n’ roll cult fave about a night of misadventures, close calls, and hilarity as four Midwestern teens try to score tickets for a KISS concert.

Who are the characters in Detroit Rock City?

… Four members of a high school band called Mystery do everything they can to attend a KISS concert in Detroit. In order to make it to the show they must steal, cheat, strip, deal with an anti-rock mom and generally do whatever it takes to see the band that has inspired them to be musicians.

What did kiss do in Detroit Rock City?

A mix of mock documentary footage, interviews, comedy sketches, videos and live clips from the then 14 year history of Kiss. Star Wars fanatics take a cross-country trip to George Lucas ‘ Skywalker Ranch so their dying friend can see a screening of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) before its release.

How long is the confessional scene in Detroit Rock City?

A longer scene in the car when Lin Shaye and Sam Huntington are driving to St. Bernards Academy. Longer scene on the highway which Natasha Lyonne and her clan is introduced. It runs about 3-5 minutes longer. Longer confessional scene with Melanie Lynski and Sam Huntington. Longer scene with “Elvis”, the custodian.

It tells of four teenage boys in a Kiss tribute band who try to see their idols in concert in Detroit in 1978. Comparable with other rock films such as Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Dazed and Confused, The Stöned Age, and I Wanna Hold Your Hand, it tells a coming-of-age story through a filter of 1970s music and culture in the United States.

How much money did Detroit Rock City make?

The film opened in 1,802 theaters on August 13, 1999 and earned $2,005,512 in its opening weekend, ranking number 13 in the domestic box office. By the end of its run, it had grossed only $4,217,115 with an additional $1,608,199 from international sales, bringing its worldwide total gross to $5,825,314.

Who are pizza delivery boys in Detroit Rock City?

Disguised as pizza delivery boys, they drug Father Phillip McNulty using a pizza topped with hallucinogen mushrooms and set off with Jam for Detroit in Lex’s mother’s Volvo to pick up the tickets.

What happens at the end of Detroit Rock City?

When the guards find Trip’s wallet with his Kiss Army picture ID and money, they confiscate Chongo’s tickets in and give them to the boys. Chongo, along with his little brother and his friends, are escorted out of the concert. Shocked and elated, they enter the concert hall as Kiss plays the title song of the film.