What type of star is Delta Cassiopeiae?

What type of star is Delta Cassiopeiae?

Delta Cassiopeiae/Spectral type

What color is Ruchbah?

Ruchbah is a main star in the constellation Cassiopeia and makes up the constellation outline. Based on the spectral type (A5Vv SB) of the star, the star’s colour is blue – white .

What is the absolute magnitude of Sirius?


What kind of star is Gamma cassiopeiae?

eruptive variable star
Gamma Cassiopeiae is an eruptive variable star, whose apparent magnitude changes irregularly between +1.6 and +3.0. It is the prototype of the class of Gamma Cassiopeiae variable stars.

How big is the star Delta Cassiopeiae?

Delta Cassiopeiae (δ Cassiopeiae, abbreviated Delta Cas, δ Cas) is an eclipsing binary star system in the northern circumpolar constellation of Cassiopeia. Based on parallax measurements taken during the Hipparcos mission, it is approximately 99.4 light-years (30.5 parsecs) from the Earth.

What is the brightness of the Gamma Cassiopeiae star?

Their brightness varies with an amplitude of about a magnitude. Gamma Cassiopeiae itself usually shines at magnitude 2.25, but it has been observed to fade to magnitude 3.0 and brighten to magnitude 1.6.

Which is the nearest star to the constellation Cassiopeia?

You can’t just go to one location and arrive at the constellation because the constellation is made up of stars at different locations and different distances. The nearest main star in the constellation is at a distance of 54.74 light years and the furthest main star is a distance of 549.10 light years.

What is the apparent magnitude of Proxima Centauri?

Even from Alpha Centauri A or B, Proxima would only be seen as a fifth magnitude star. It has an apparent visual magnitude of 11, so a telescope with an aperture of at least 8 cm (3.1 in) is needed to observe it, even under ideal viewing conditions—under clear, dark skies with Proxima Centauri well above the horizon.