What type of assessments do school psychologists use?

What type of assessments do school psychologists use?

Aspects of the Special Education Assessment. Psychological Assessment (conducted by a school psychologist) – This evaluation may include cognitive assessments, look at emotional and behavioral concerns, and measures of adaptive functioning. Cognitive assessments measure a student’s intellectual abilities.

What is an educational psychologist assessment?

Educational psychology assessment is a process of information gathering by an Educational Psychologist (EP), which may inform future intervention. It will consider environmental, contextual, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social factors.

How do you evaluate a school psychologist?

School psychologists are evaluated purely based on frequency data like the number of students that qualify for special education services, students tested annually by the school psychologist, the number of students on the school psychologist’s caseload, the number of students who are proficient on state level tests, or …

What should I expect from an educational psychology assessment?

The EP will probably come to school, discuss your child with you and his/her teachers, and observe the child in class and perhaps at play. They will also look at classwork, chat to your child and give them some tests to check on skills and intellectual development.

How does the school psychologist do the assessments?

A document camera at the testing site enables the school psychologist to observe students as they complete response booklets or use manipulatives. Once the test is complete, the onsite proctor sends the student response booklet to the school psychologist, who scores it and writes a report which they share at the results and eligibility meeting.

What to look for in a school psychologist file?

School Psychologist Files. Rating scales, interviews, and observations may be used to look at adaptive behavior. Educational Assessment (conducted by an Educational Diagnostician or Special Education Teacher) – This is an assessment that compares a student’s academic functioning with other students of the same age.

How to get a psychoeducational assessment for your child?

How to Get a Psychoeducational Assessment To arrange a psychoeducational assessment, begin by speaking to your child’s educators. In many cases, schools can refer parents either to their own psychologist or to a qualified private psychologist who will perform the test for a set fee.

Are there any free tools for school psychology?

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