What strings are best for short scale bass?

What strings are best for short scale bass?

The best flatwound bass strings available today

  1. La Bella 760FS Deep Talkin’ Bass.
  2. D’Addario Xl Ecb81 Chromes Flat Wound.
  3. GHS Precision Flats.
  4. Ernie Ball Flatwound Bass Group Flats.
  5. Dr Strings Legend Flatwounds.
  6. Rotosound Jazz Bass 77 Flats.
  7. Thomastik-infeld Jf344 Jazz Flats.
  8. Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flatwound.

What strings are on a short scale bass?

D’Addario’s round-wounds are the most consistent and pro-sounding short scale roundwounds on the planet imho! They do both a stainless & nickel range. They sound very pure in tone and have good tension. All that overtone/out-of-tune stuff you get with the Rotosounds is non-existent with D’Addarios.

What are standard size bass strings?

Bass String Gauges

Weight Designation 6 (C) 1 (G)
Light .028 .040
Medium .030 .045
Heavy .032 .050
Extra Heavy .035 .055

What is the length of long scale bass strings?

Long-scale basses conventionally have a 34′ string length. Remember that we are talking about string length – the distance between the bridge and the nut – not neck length, although one affects the other.

How big is a 30 ” short scale bass?

This iconic bass is described as a 30” short scale bass (bridge saddles to nut). Logically, you would assume that this bass would therefore need a ‘Short Scale’ set of strings. However, because of its trapeze-style tailpiece, the strings are anchored approximately 3-4 inches further back from the saddles.

How big are the strings on a bass guitar?

The bass has a 31″ scale length – and the strings on it fit perfectly, with the neon green silk windings starting just after the nut. (there is also green silk windings on the ball ends for about 0.5″).

What are the different types of bass guitar scales?

Not all bass scale lengths are the same so they are generally categorised into 4 main groups; short scale, medium scale, long scale, and extra-long scale. Below we’ve listed these 4 scale lengths along with some corresponding measurements: It’s worth noting that these measurements are meant as a guide only.

Can you see the ball end of a bass guitar?

If you have a bass where you cannot see the ball end i.e. a thru-body bass, you will have to do this exercise once the string has been removed. If you do need to do this, before removing the string be sure to make a mark on the string with a permanent marker just behind the nut so you know where to measure up to.