What resistance movement did Sophie Scholl start?

What resistance movement did Sophie Scholl start?

National Socialists
Starting from 1942 a group of Munich students, led by siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, tried to resist the National Socialists. The group, which called itself the White Rose, distributed thousands of leaflets denouncing the crimes of the Nazi regime.

Who died with Sophie Scholl?

Sophie Scholl (1921 – 1943) was a German anti-Nazi political activist who was convicted of high treason and executed by guillotine with her brother Hans.

What was the White Rose resistance group?

White Rose, German anti-Nazi group formed in Munich in 1942. Unlike the conspirators of the July Plot (1944) or participants in such youth gangs as the Edelweiss Pirates, the members of the White Rose advocated nonviolent resistance as a means of opposing the Nazi regime.

How did Sophie Scholl get caught?

On February 18, 1943, Sophie and Hans were distributing the flyer at the university. Both of the siblings were discovered and arrested after she was caught throwing a pile of pamphlets from a balcony into the square below. The Gestapo, or secret police, then interrogated them.

What was Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement?

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement, while less known to Americans, is a powerful example of youthful resistance to the Nazi Regime. Within the United States, Sophie Magdalena Scholl is not the best-known resistance fighter, but her story is a powerful one.

Who was the leader of the White Rose movement?

This article is about the German resistance movement. For other uses, see White Rose (disambiguation). The White Rose ( German: Weiße Rose, pronounced [ˈvaɪ̯sə ˈʁoːzə] ( listen)) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany led by a group of students from the University of Munich, including Sophie Scholl,

Where did the White Rose protestors go to school?

They attended the University of Munich. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign that called for active opposition to the Nazi regime. Their activities started in Munich on 27 June 1942, and ended with the arrest of the core group by the Gestapo on 18 February 1943.

Who are the members of the White Rose?

The White Rose was a small endeavor with large consequences. At its core were siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, their fellow students Alexander Schmorell, Willi Graf, Christoph Probst, and a professor of philosophy and musicology at the University of Munich, Kurt Huber.