What kind of radio does a Radio Flyer have?

What kind of radio does a Radio Flyer have?

It has a working FM radio with AUX input and has realistic driving sounds so you can jam to some beats while cruising around the backyard! It is a 2 seater with working doors, she has been having a blast giving her little cousin a ride! It has two speeds 2.5mph and 5mph as well as a single speed reverse!

Why are Tollos mobile lift systems so important?

Tollos designs mobile lift systems that create a safer environment for healthcare staff to handle patient mobility. For us, safe patient handling is more than a goal—it’s a mission. By dramatically reducing injury risks, our products empower health professionals to consistently deliver better care to their patients.

Is the 241 toll road going to have express lanes?

TCA, in coordination with Caltrans, is proposing to add a direct connector linking the 241 Toll Road and the 91 Express Lanes. Learn More As a government agency, the health and safety of the public are important to us.

How does the toll roads rewards program work?

With The Toll Roads Rewards Program, accountholders who drive The Toll Roads at least once during the month will receive a special promotion from a local retail partner as a token of our appreciation. The program is free for accountholders and easy to join. Log in to your account now!

What was the golden anniversary of Radio Flyer?

1967 was the Golden Anniversary of Radio Steel, and business was stronger than ever. The wagons were still made with the same quality craftsmanship and care that have become trademarks of Radio Flyer, and new technologies allowed for even greater expansion of the Radio Line.

How to contact Radio Flyer about missing parts?

If your product is under warranty and has a defective or missing part, please complete our online warranty form. For questions regarding product warranty, please reference our warranty policy or call Customer Service at 1.800.621.7613, Monday – Friday 8:00am CST – 5:00pm CST.

How did the Radio Flyer wagon become famous?

The spectacular World’s Fair exhibit made the Radio Flyer wagon world famous. In fact, during the Depression the company came out with many new ideas to help its popularity. In the mid-30s the company introduced its first specialty wagon, the Streak-O-Lite wagon, which featured streamline train styling, control dials, and working headlights.