What kind of hat do drill sergeants wear?

What kind of hat do drill sergeants wear?

the campaign hat
The drill sergeants wear the campaign hat as a testament of their demonstrated professionalism, commitment to the mission, and proven leadership.

What is the Army drill sergeant hat called?

The Drill Sergeant hat is called a Campaign Hat. It is a felt hat with a broad brim. The hat has a tall crown and is symmetrically pinched on all 4 corners. The campaign hat was first worn back in the 1840s by soldiers making their way across the country toward the Pacific.

Why do drill sergeants wear their hats so low?

It was said that they were inspired by the sombreros of the Mexican Vaqueros, but the soldiers made their hats smaller to be more practical for longer rides.

Why do drill sergeants wear a campaign hat?

To the basic trainee a drill sergeant is expected to be all things, but above all else they uphold a standard – a standard embodied in the Army values. And to Harrison, his campaign hat is a symbol of that standard.

What do drill sergeants teach in the Army?

All four drill sergeants emphasized the need for the seven Army core values training and said that if drills don’t teach them what basic values are, some of their trainees won’t make it far in the Army, or in life.

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