What kind of cases are heard at Glasgow Sheriff Court?

What kind of cases are heard at Glasgow Sheriff Court?

The Summary Criminal Department deals with all matters relating to Sheriff and Justice of the Peace summary criminal cases, including summary criminal appeals and fatal accident inquiries.

How many courts are there in Glasgow Sheriff Court?

There are currently twenty-eight sheriffs in post at Glasgow Sheriff Court (five of whom are floating sheriffs)….

Glasgow Sheriff Court
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What is the difference between High Court and Sheriff Court?

The High Court hears the most serious cases including all cases of rape and murder. There are no limits on the length of prison sentences, or the amount of any fine the High Court may impose. The Sheriff Court can hear all other criminal cases. These cases are dealt with by solemn procedure or summary procedure.

What is the jurisdiction of the Court of Session?

The primary task of the Court of Session is to decide on civil law cases. The court is also the Court of Exchequer for Scotland, a jurisdiction previously held by the Court of Exchequer.

How many sheriff courts are there in Scotland?

Sheriffdoms: There are 49 Sheriff Courts in Scotland which cover a particular Sheriff Court District. These Districts are separated into 6 Sheriffdoms each comprising the various courts in its area. The Sheriffdoms are shown below alongside each of the courts in their area.

Where can I find Glasgow Sheriff Court schedule?

The schedule is in addition to the Court Rolls and is published at Glasgow Sheriff Court business schedule. This is one of the 14 Hub courts in Scotland dealing with new, first instance custodies.

What are the duties of a sheriff in Scotland?

In terms of the Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971, as reaffirmed by the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, sheriffs principal are charged with a number of duties in respect of the courts for which they are responsible, including in particular a duty “to secure the speedy and efficient disposal of business in the sheriff courts of that sheriffdom”.

How is the jurisdiction of a sheriff court determined?

Each Sheriff Court is in charge of a geographical area known as a ‘Sheriffdom’. The specific court is determined by the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982, which gives effect to international law in this field (namely the Brussels Convention and EU Brussels Regulations).