What Japanese stamps are valuable?

What Japanese stamps are valuable?

Japan: The Most Expensive and Valuable Stamps

  • Tama 6 Yo Stamp. Price Realized: $124,635.
  • 1875 One Sen Stamp. Price Realized: $22,248.
  • 1872 Dragon Stamp. Price Realized: $14,832.
  • 1960 Ryukyu Islands Block. Price Realized: $11,210.
  • 1874 Violet Brown Stamp.
  • 1874 Red Violet Stamp.
  • 1874 Gray Syllabic of 1874.
  • Envelope of 1941.

Are old franked stamps worth anything?

Depending on condition (and other factors) they are currently worth £50-£100 each (less for poor quality, much more for superb). Interestingly, stamps with genuine errors of production (for example missing colours) are often worth considerably more than ‘normal’ issues.

When did the first New Zealand stamp come out?

The Stamps and Postal History of New Zealand. The first stamps of New Zealand were issued on 20 July 1855. They are known as the “Chalons” after the Alfred Chalon painting of the young Queen which inspired the stamps central design. This wonderful series continued with many changes to perforations, paper, watermarks and inks until 1873.

How to find the New Zealand revenue stamp catalogue?

Click Here 1d blue/red, 1d red lilac/red, 1d [watermark star] 4d green/brown, 6d bistre/blue, 8d blue/black, 8d blue/brown, 1/- grey/red, 1/- grey/red [value 2 lines], 1/- lilac/red, 1/- purple/red, 2/- orange red/green, 2/- [watermark star] 2/- [red/blue impressed NZ interlaced watermark] [2] 3/- grey/red, 4/- orange red/green, 5/- grey/red

What does perf 13 mean on a New Zealand stamp?

1867 Watermark NZ [close] DieI Unofficial Perf 13 [1]= value on one line [2] = value on two lines

Are there separators on New Zealand duty stamps?

Several unofficial companies took it upon themselves to use separators for their duty stamps, little has been researched and written and if you can add to this work please contact Dave I can find only one recorded stationers; Ferguson and Mitchell. Below are some separations known, which include: Oblique. Roulette 7 & 10. Pin perf 13 & 15.