What is water catchment means?

What is water catchment means?

A catchment is an area where water is collected by the natural landscape. Imagine cupping your hands in a downpour of rain and collecting water in them. We use the water collected by the natural landscape to help supply water for our needs, by building dams and weirs, or tapping into groundwater.

What is water catchment protection?

Special Areas protect water quality by providing buffer zones of pristine bushland around dams and immediate catchment areas. Human activities near the drinking water catchments can harm water quality.

Why are catchments important socially economically and environmentally?

Why are catchments important? Catchments provide people, stock and flora and fauna with drinking water. They provide people with water for domestic and industrial use, including irrigation, and they cater for recreation and tourism. Catchments are important in environmental, economic, social and cultural terms.

Is Gippsland Water Safe?

Gippsland Water increased its testing regime to include PFOS and PFAS following issues at the East Sale RAAF base in 2015. Our testing confirms that drinking water is safe and all levels are within health based guidelines. Monitoring will be ongoing.

How are the catchments in South Gippsland different?

This means that all or part of the catchment area is privately owned, and access and use is largely unrestricted. (In contrast to a ‘closed’ catchment where the catchment area is publicly owned and controlled.) These catchments are part of 10 separate water supply systems across South Gippsland Water’s service area.

When was West Gippsland catchment management authority established?

Our organisation was established by the state government in 1997 to manage land and water resources in the West Gippsland region. We take this role seriously and our aim as a leader in natural resource management is to inspire partnerships and action to achieve improved catchment health. The video shows flood recovery work on the Macalister River.

What is the service area of South Gippsland Water?

Its service area covers 4,000 square kilometres and stretches along the coastline from Cape Paterson in the west to just beyond Port Albert in the east. Its northern boundary extends from Nyora to Devon North. Want to know more? View the data for all 19 water corporations Local government areas served by South Gippsland Water include:

What is the catchment and Land Protection Act Victoria?

In Victoria, areas from which water corporations draw water are often given a level of protection under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994.