What is the song on BBC advert?

What is the song on BBC advert?

BBC Advert Trailer – Be My Baby – Music by The Ronettes.

What’s happened to BBC sounds?

In 2018, the BBC announced that it would replace BBC iPlayer Radio with a new audio product called BBC Sounds to introduce a more personalised listening experience. This change happened to our website in October 2018 and our BBC iPlayer Radio app closed in September 2019. …

How do I find music from BBC TV Programmes?

How can I find out what music was played during a programme?

  1. Start playing an on-demand episode which featured music, or one of our music mixes.
  2. Scroll down to see the tracklist of the music played during that episode or music mix.
  3. The track that’s currently playing will have orange sound waves next to it.

What is the music on the BBC Christmas trailer?

Christmas on BBC & iPlayer Advert – Trailer Song by CeeLo Green. This just-released ‘Christmas on BBC iPlayer’ advert trailer gives viewers a sneak peek at the line-up of shows coming our way on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer this festive season.

Who sings the end of the world in the BBC advert?

The End of the World (Skeeter Davis song)

“The End of the World”
Genre Country pop
Length 2:33
Label RCA Victor
Songwriter(s) Arthur Kent Sylvia Dee

Is BBC Media Player still needed?

You’ll need the latest version of the BBC Media Player app on your Android device or Amazon Fire tablet to play programmes and clips from www.bbc.co.uk and the BBC iPlayer app. If you’re not using the latest version of the app, you might not be able to watch or listen to our programmes.

Is BBC Sounds app any good?

The response to BBC Sounds has been overwhelmingly positive with over three quarters rating it as excellent or very good in independent research – however we’ll continue to improve it based on feedback.”

How do I find a song from a TV episode?

7 Ways to Find Music and Songs From TV Shows

  1. Tunefind. You may recall HeardOnTV.
  2. WhatSong. Another TV music finder worth checking out is WhatSong.
  3. Soundtrack.net.
  4. IMDb.
  5. Shazam.
  6. Adtunes.
  7. StreamingSoundtracks.