What is the prayer footprints in the sand?

What is the prayer footprints in the sand?

The Poem “Foot Prints in The Sand”, is an affirmational prayer that shows how God is always with us, especially in times of need. Deuteronomy 1:30-31, The LORD your God which goeth before you, he shall fight for you, according to all that he did for you in Egypt before your eyes; and in the wilderness.

What is the footprints in the sand Bible verse?

They leave two sets of footprints in the sand. When questioning God, believing that the Lord must have abandoned his love during those times, God gives the explanation, “During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

Who wrote Footprints in the Sand Prayer?

Margaret Fishback Powers
The licensing deal between Margaret Fishback Powers, author of “Footprints in the Sand,” and Owen & Williamson Ltd., trading as the online and catalogue retailer Brooks & Bentley, makes the company the exclusive U.K. seller of jewelry and collectibles bearing excerpts of the poem.

Is the poem Footprints in the sand a prayer?

The Footprints in the Sand Poem is not only a poem but a prayer for so many of us when we are walking through our darkest time. There are so many bible verses that coincide with this poem that we can use to pray over our situations and circumstances along along with the poem itself.

What do you mean by footprints in the sand?

The Footprints Prayer. One night I dreamed a dream. As I was walking along the beach with my Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life. One belonging to me and one to my Lord. I looked back at the footprints in the sand. there was only one set of footprints.

What does the Bible say about one set of footprints?

There are verses in the Bible that could have inspired it, but there are none that have the exact wording. The poem is about a person who needed help during times of struggle but only saw one set of footprints during those times. They felt alone, but the reason for the one set of footprints was that they were being carried during those hard times.

What does Ryan Hart say in footprints in the sand?

The truth is that He was with you all along, even when you were sad. However, instead of walking beside you, he was carrying you. One of the most inspiring lines from the poem is when God says “When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”