What is the origin of Zinfandel wine?

What is the origin of Zinfandel wine?

Zinfandel is thought to be one of the oldest grape varietals from which wine is still being made… there is evidence that places the first Zinfandel wine, ancestors in the Caucasus, at approximately 6000 BC. Research conducted by UC Davis viticulturists has given insight into the history of the grape and its path.

Is Zinfandel an Italian grape?

Zinfandel is a grape primarily grown in California. Primitivo is a grape primarily grown in Italy. And even more, Primitivo and Zinfandel were never the original names for this grape. The grapes are originally from Croatia, where they’re called “Tribidrag” and sometimes “Crljenak Kaštelanski.”

Is Zinfandel an American grape?

When we hear the term Cult Wine in California we often relate it to cult cabs. Before Zinfandel made a name for itself in California, it was on the East Coast of the United States where it first cut its teeth – Long Island to be exact. …

Who invented Zinfandel?

Bob Trinchero
Even though rosé, blush and pale red wines have been made for centuries, white Zinfandel as we know it was invented in the early 1970s at Sutter Home by Bob Trinchero, and yes, it started as a mistake. Trinchero had been making a dry version of a white Zinfandel, but then a batch stopped fermenting.

What is another name for Zinfandel?


Also called Crljenak Kaštelanski, Zin, ZPC (more)
Origin Croatia
Notable regions California, Apulia, Dalmatia
Hazards Bunch rot, uneven ripening

Is Rose like white Zinfandel?

Rosé and white Zinfandel are made by extremely similar methods. Rosé can be made from any red grape, but white Zin is made from—you guessed it—Zinfandel grapes. As far as flavor goes, white Zinfandel is generally sweeter, pinker, and less complex that many rosé varieties. Rosé can be dry or sweet.

Is Zinfandel good wine?

It’s oft-misunderstood, but it’s really a versatile red wine for all seasons. Zinfandel, often dismissed as a jammy tasting, dark-fruited wine reminiscent of blueberry pie, is capable of showing off a bright versatility.

Why is Zinfandel hated?

White Zinfandel has a bad reputation at times because some people believe it’s the wine people drink when they don’t actually like wine. It’s often made with relatively low-quality grapes and blended into a consistent house style that can mask the types of grapes it’s made from and where the grapes are grown.

What’s a good cheap Zinfandel?

Best Zinfandel Under $15

  • Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel. 4.4 out of 5 stars.
  • Ravenswood Vintner’s Zinfandel. 4.3 out of 5 stars.
  • Oak Ridge Zinfandel AV Estate Grown Lodi. 4.4 out of 5 stars.
  • Cline Zinfandel Lodi California.
  • Cline Zinfandel Ancient Vines.
  • Canyon Oaks Zinfandel.
  • Cloud Break Zinfandel.
  • Mad Duck Zinfandel Lodi.

Is Zinfandel sweet or dry?

Dry, semi-sweet, or sweet
Zinfandel/Sweetness of resulting wine

Is white Zinfandel a cheap wine?

They too began bottling their excess juice from Red Zinfandel wine and selling “White Zinfandel.” And because it cost them little to make, it became one of the cheapest wines available. Over the years, White Zinfandel wine has become known as THE box wine.

What does Zinfandel taste like?

The primary flavors of Zinfandel are jam, blueberry, black pepper, cherry, plum, boysenberry , cranberry , and licorice. When you taste Zinfandel it often explodes with candied fruitiness followed by spice and often a tobacco-like smoky finish.

Is Primitivo Zinfandel?

Primitivo is a red wine grape variety that is also known as zinfandel. It is the third-most planted grape in Puglia , in southern Italy. Primitivo makes wines that are big, jammy, and rustic, with high alcohol, chewy tannins, and a sweet finish.

Is Beringer White Zinfandel sweet?

The Beringer Vineyards White Zinfandel is a sinfully sweet and refreshing white wine that will delight any recipient. The Beringer Vineyards White Zinfandel is the best white wine out there that can put the pep back into anyone’s step.

Why is White Zinfandel pink?

White Zinfandel is a slightly sweet wine made from the red-skinned Zinfandel grape. It gets its rosy pink color from the grape skins after they are crushed and quickly removed from the juice. The remaining process is the same as for white wine.