What is the new logo of UAE?

What is the new logo of UAE?

7 Lines
The United Arab Emirates has announced a brand new logo (above), the country’s first new emblem in 50 years. Named ‘7 Lines’, the new emblem was decided on in a competition voted on by 10.6 million people from around the world.

Who created Dubai logo?

Well-known calligraphy artist Khalid Ahmed Ali Al Jallaf was one of the ‘Inspiring 49’ artists – seven from each emirate – who helped design the three logos. On Wednesday, after ‘Seven Lines’ was announced as the winning logo, the Emirati told Khaleej Times about his pride in helping develop it.

What does the Dubai brand logo say about Dubai?

It has been designed to balance cultural roots of Dubai with a more contemporary style, “reflecting the overall vision of the destination”. The logo is written in English with an Arabic hand to reflect Dubai’s cosmopolitan nature.

What is the symbol of Dubai?

Burj Al Arab has become an iconic symbol of Dubai.

What is the new logo for the UAE?

The UAE has a new logo. The chosen logo is called 7 Lines and there were 10 million people from the UAE and the rest of the world who voted to help the government narrow down on the choice! On 17 December 2019, the new United Arab Emirates logo was opened to a public vote.

What do the colors on the Dubai logo mean?

The shades in the Dubai logo signify two solid colors that actually merges two different cultures together. The vibrant blue and purple associates with features of royalty and art. It seems that the Dubai city logo displays a hidden fusion of luxurious entertainment for the tourists and the Emiratis.

What does the UAE nation brand stand for?

The UAE Nation Brand aims to share the Emirates’ inspiring story of constant development in the face of challenges, highlight the Emirates’ unique identity and strengthen its long-standing positive image in the global consciousness.

Why is Dubai known as the city of Dreams?

The Dubai design logo displays the fascinating outlook of the city which is known as the ‘City of Dreams’. The merge of cultures into the logo defines the actual value of hospitality, growth, collaboration and trade.