WhaT is the Metta Prayer?

WhaT is the Metta Prayer?

Metta, however you translate it, is associated with a type of meditation practice in which one silently recites a set of phrases that are designed to open the heart and cultivate a friendly attitude towards oneself and towards others. …

How do you lead a loving-kindness meditation?

How to Practice Loving Kindness Meditation

  1. Carve out some quiet time for yourself (even a few minutes will work) and sit comfortably.
  2. Imagine yourself experiencing complete physical and emotional wellness and inner peace.
  3. Repeat three or four positive, reassuring phrases to yourself.

How do you spread loving kindness?

Try the following loving kindness meditation:

  1. Begin by focusing your thoughts and wishing yourself love and kindness by repeating “May I be happy, may I be well, and may I be at ease.”
  2. Next, think about people you love and interact with, then repeat, “May you be happy, may you be well, may you be at ease.”

Where does loving-kindness meditation come from?

Metta as ‘compassion meditation’ is often practiced in Asia by broadcast chanting, wherein monks chant for the laity. The compassion and universal loving-kindness concept of Metta is discussed in the Metta Sutta of Buddhism, and is also found in the ancient and medieval texts of Hinduism and Jainism as Metta or Maitri.

How does loving kindness meditation work for You?

Loving-Kindness meditation uses a sequence of mantras to offer well-wishes to different people in your life. “Instead of using the breath as the central object, we use the silent repetition of certain phrases,” says Salzberg. “And the phrases are an offering to someone—a gift-giving.”

Can a lovingkindness chant be a meditation?

Here’s a beautiful lovingkindness chant from the Theravadin tradition that I first came across while on retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. This kind of chant can be a meditation in its own right. As you learn the meaning it becomes a series of reflections and aspirations which help retrain the mind.

How is compassion related to loving kindness in Buddhism?

Compassion is associated with a willingness to take on the pain of others and support them in their hardships. While this is an important trait and another of the Four Divine States of Buddhism, it’s not what loving kindness is. Metta is the spread of benevolence and good will toward others.

Which is the best way to practice kindness?

Notice the state of your mind and how you feel after this meditation. When you’re ready, you may open your eyes. Practicing kindness is one of the most direct routes to happiness: Research suggests that kind people tend to be more satisfied with their relationships and with their lives in general.