What is the message of Ascension Day?

What is the message of Ascension Day?

For 40 days after his resurrection on Easter Sunday, the Bible says that Jesus travelled and preached with his apostles, preparing them for his departure from Earth. Ascension Day marks the moment Jesus literally ascended into heaven before his disciples, at the village of Bethany, near Jerusalem.

Why does Germany celebrate Ascension Day?

Ascension Day in Germany commemorates Jesus’s ascension to heaven as recorded in the Bible, and is celebrated 40 days after Easter. It always falls on a Thursday. In Germany, this holiday has been celebrated for centuries and has been an official public holiday since 1936.

What is Germany Ascension Day?

A brief history of Ascension Day in Germany As the name suggests, Ascension Day marks the day Jesus ascended into heaven, having spent the forty days after his resurrection travelling and preaching with his disciples. Therefore, it always falls on the sixth Thursday after Easter, exactly forty days after Easter Sunday.

Why is Ascension Day so important?

Ascension, in Christian belief, the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven on the 40th day after his Resurrection (Easter being reckoned as the first day). Prior to that time, the Ascension was commemorated as a part of the celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

When is Ascension Day 2024 in Germany?

Day Date; Ascension Day 2020 in Germany: Thursday: May 21, 2020: Ascension Day 2021 in Germany: Thursday: May 13, 2021: Ascension Day 2022 in Germany: Thursday: May 26, 2022: Ascension Day 2023 in Germany: Thursday: May 18, 2023: Ascension Day 2024 in Germany: Thursday: May 9, 2024

Why to celebrate Ascension?

Ascension Day is a celebration of the ascension of Jesus into heaven after His resurrection. It is a very important feast across all Christian denominations. In addition to the ascension of Christ, Ascension Day is also a commemoration of the Holy Georgian Martyrs of Persia .

When is Ascension celebrated?

Ascension is on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

When is Ascension Thursday and Ascension Sunday?

Here are the dates of both Ascension Thursday and Ascension Sunday next year and in future years: 2019: Ascension Thursday: May 30; Ascension Sunday: June 2. 2020: Ascension Thursday: May 21; Ascension Sunday: May 24.