What is the meaning of detrital?

What is the meaning of detrital?

1 geology : loose material (such as rock fragments or organic particles) that results directly from disintegration. 2a : a product of disintegration, destruction, or wearing away : debris.

What does material mean Legal?

In the context of contract law, material is a description frequently attributed to an important contractual provision or stipulation that would alter the contract performance. For example, a material breach of contract describes a court finding similar to that of lack of substantial performance of the contract.

What minerals are detrital?

Detrital minerals, such as grains of quartz and feldspar, survive weathering and are transported to the depositional site as clasts. Authigenic minerals, like calcite, halite, and gypsum, form in situ within the depositional site in response to geochemical processes.

What is a matter legal term?

matter n. 1 : a subject of consideration, disagreement, or litigation: as. a : a legal case, dispute, or issue [a within the court’s jurisdiction] often used in titles of legal proceedings [ of Doe] see also in re.

Which is the best definition of detrital material?

(geology) Consisting of, or pertaining to, geological detritus. In sedimentary rocks it occurs as detrital material.

What kind of matter is a detritus?

detritus Loose matter resulting from the wearing away or disintegration of tissue or other material. Loose fragments, such as sand or gravel, that have been worn away from rock. Matter produced by the decay or disintegration of an organic substance.

How are detrital rocks different from chemical rocks?

Detrital or clastic sedimentary rocks are composed of rock fragments. They are different than chemical sedimentary rocks, which are composed of mineral crystals.

What do you mean by detritus in a sentence?

In such scenes of desolation and destruction, detrital sediments are actively being generated. The margin of this new lake, acting upon the detrital matter, would form the second road. What Do “a.m.”