What is the independent variable in an ecosystem?

What is the independent variable in an ecosystem?

independent variable—the variable that is purposely changed. Each change of a variable is known as a level of independent variable. dependent variable—the variable that changes as a result of changing the independent variable.

What is an example independent variable in biology?

In an experiment, you manipulate the independent variable and measure the outcome in the dependent variable. For example, in an experiment about the effect of nutrients on crop growth: The independent variable is the amount of nutrients added to the crop field.

Is the sun an independent variable?

For instance: if you were measuring the growth rate of plants under full sunlight for 8 hours a day versus plants that only have 4 hours of full sunlight per day, the amount of time per day of full sunlight would be the independent variable – the variable that you control.

Which is an example of an independent variable?

 If an equation shows a relationship between x and y in which the value of y is dependent upon the value of x, y is known as the dependent variable and is sometimes referred to as ‘function(x)’ or f(x).  The final solution of the equation, y, depends on the value of x, the independent variable which can be changed.

What happens when scientist changes the independent variable?

As the scientist changes the independent variable, he or she observes what happens. The dependent variable changes in response to the change the scientist makes to the independent variable. The new value of the dependent variable is caused by and depends on the value of the independent variable.

Which is the independent variable in plant pigmentation?

In a study to determine the effect of temperature on plant pigmentation, the independent variable (cause) is the temperature, while the amount of pigment or color is the dependent variable (the effect). Graphing the Independent Variable

Which is the dependent variable in an experiment?

The dependent variable is the variable which is dependent upon the independent variable, it is the thing that is impacted or affected by changes to the independent variable. There may actually be more than one independent variable in an experiment.