What is the difference between VW IRS and swing axle?

What is the difference between VW IRS and swing axle?

These trailing arms are what the IRS designation actually refers to, the axles and the suspenion are independent unlike the earlier Swing Axle suspension. IRS suspensions have more articulation which allows the tires to remain more flat through the suspension movement (less camber change).

What is a freeway flyer transaxle?

The Mofoco Freeway Flyer transmission is the VW transmission of choice for 1968 or older Beetle owners who love to cruise on the street and save fuel at the same time. This transmission is Rebuilt off Original German Core Transmissions. This means the cases are 45-50 years old.

Can you install a VW transmission into a real bug?

We install every VW transmission into a real Volkswagen Bug, and drive said Bug around to check every forward and reverse gear to make sure your vw transmission will shift properly when we ship it to you. As far as we know, we are the only VW shop that does this!

What do you need to know about VW swingaxle transmission?

You MUST provide us with the length of your axles to insure that no extra modification is necessary during or after installation. This Volkswagen High Performance Swingaxle Transmission is a remanufactured unit designed for street performance.

What kind of transmission does a VW Beetle use?

IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) transmissions were used from 1969 and on in VW Beetles and late-style Buses. IRS can be identified by the exposed axle, and use two CV joints (Constant Velocity Joints), and have a CV Boot on each end of both axles – 2 per axle, 4 total CV boots. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

When to replace transaxle plugs on VW Bug?

This plate replaces the stock thrust side cover to prevent flexing damage. VW Bug Transaxle Detent Plug Kit replaces the original detent plugs in the transmission when complete servicing is necessary. The detent plugs must be removed when the shift selector forks require attention and new detent plugs must be installed.