What is the car at the end of Drive Angry?

What is the car at the end of Drive Angry?

Dodge Charger 440
Piper owns a matte midnight blue Dodge Charger 440, arguably the biggest star of the movie. As Milton chases down the cult that kidnapped his granddaughter, a group of men from hell and Earth follow closely on his trail. The good thing about Drive Angry is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Where was Drive Angry filmed?

Nicolas Cage channels his road rage in the 3-D action film ‘Drive Angry,’ which was shot in Shreveport. A Shreveport-shot fantasy-thriller about a man (Nicolas Cage) who escapes from hell (you read that right) to exact a measure of revenge against the people who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.

When did Drive Angry come out?

25 February 2011 (USA)
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Who is the accountant in Drive Angry?

Anubis, more commonly known as The Accountant, is the anti-hero/anti-villain in the 2011 supernatural action film, Drive Angry. He was portrayed by William Fichtner, who also played Roger van Zant in Heat, the Bank Manager in The Dark Knight, Butch Cavendish in The Lone Ranger and Eric Sacks in the 2014 TMNT film.

What cars were used in Drive Angry?

The three cars driven by Cage in the film are a 1964 Buick Riviera, a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T (440 Engine) and a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454.

How long is Drive Angry?

1h 45m
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What cars were in Drive Angry?

Who is the king in Drive?

Jacqueline as Tara, known as King to the mafia world, is playing the role of a sexy thief, who is also a street-racing champion with a special love for plunging necklines and thigh-slit skirts. Sushant as Samar uses Jacqueline’s identity to pull off robberies. In between all this, they rob the Rashtrapati Bhavan too.

Why is Drive Angry rated R?

“Drive Angry” is rated R for strong brutal violence, grisly images, graphic sexual content, nudity and language; running time: 104 minutes.

What age is Nicolas Cage?

57 years (7 January 1964)
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In which app I can see Drive movie?

On your Google drive, select Download and use an app like VLC to view.

What is the last movie of Sushant Singh Rajput?

Dil Bechara
Dil Bechara is Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film and it was a major hit among the audience.

What kind of cars are in Drive Angry?

What cars were in 2011 fantasy action film “Drive Angry” directed by Patrick Lussier, stars Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard? If you are interested to know about all the vehicle brands and models seen in film “Drive Angry” (2011) this post may be very informative to you. Enjoy! All Cars in “Dr. No” (1962)

Who are the actors in the movie Drive Angry?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Nicolas Cage Milton Amber Heard Piper William Fichtner The Accountant Billy Burke Jonah King David Morse Webster

Who is the waitress in the movie Drive Angry?

She is a waitress at a local bar and has a cheating fiancee whom she abandons to join with Milton to save his granddaughter. [5] Brie Larson revealed in a 2020 video on YouTube when discussing for the second time the films she auditioned for she said that Drive Angry was one of them as she auditioned for Amber Heard ‘s character Piper Lee.

Why did Nicolas Cage want to make Drive Angry?

Cage stated that he was originally drawn to the project by a scene in which his character’s eyes get shot out. In his previous film, Season of the Witch, he had wanted to have such a scene but producers rejected the idea. The film was shot in 3D, and special effects were created by Gary Tunnicliffe. The cameras were rented from Paradise FX.