What is the best commercial paper shredder?

What is the best commercial paper shredder?

The Top 10 Best-Reviewed Commercial Paper Shredders

  1. Swingline Stack & Shred- $650.
  2. Fellowes Powershred- $1,330.
  3. SimplyShred PSC418D- $490.
  4. Fellowes 125Ci- $450.
  5. HSM Securio AF150- $1,000.
  6. HSM Heavy Duty Office Shredder- $490.
  7. SentnielTM Pro 30- $190.
  8. Fellowes Intellishred PS-79CI- $240.

Is Fellowes a good paper shredder?

The Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder is an excellent heavy-duty shredder. It’s speedy, has high paper capacity, can shred a variety of materials, and can operate for a long time before needing a break.

Which is the best commercial paper shredder for sale?

Bonsaii 4S30 is the only micro-cut commercial paper shredder for sale on our list. It reaches P-5 level of security by cutting paper to the smaller fragments the size of 5/64” x 25/64” and the capacity is 10 sheets of paper in total.

How many sheets of paper can a shredder destroy?

The commercial shredders can destroy a wide range of documents, from a single bill or financial statement to large stacks of paper. Some shred up to 42 sheets per pass and can reach speeds of up to 25 feet shred per minute.

How big is a cross cut paper shredder?

The 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper is a heavy-duty shredder with a shredding capacity of 14 sheets (letter size, 20 lb.). It has a continuous running time of 10 minutes and destroys mass documents, credit cards, and staples. This shredder cuts papers and credit cards into small particles estimating 5/32 x 1-19/50 inches (4mm x 35mm).

What kind of Shredder do you need for heavy duty work?

Some offices make use of automatic paper shredders, also known as auto feed shredders. These type of office shredders can also be used for heavy duty jobs, for instance for the finance department. An automatic paper shredder is an unique machine because these shredders can shred documents automatically.