What is the Bengali meaning gorgeous?

What is the Bengali meaning gorgeous?

IPA: gɔrdʒəsBengali: গোর্জস

What does gorgeous girl mean?

Reach for the adjective gorgeous to describe jaw-droppingly beautiful, magnificent people or things. Good-looking is one thing. Beautiful is another. But reserve gorgeous for the kind of looks that take your breath away. Some synonyms include resplendent, dazzling, spectacular, and splendid.

What is the synonym of gorgeous?

Some common synonyms of gorgeous are glorious, resplendent, splendid, sublime, and superb. While all these words mean “extraordinarily or transcendently impressive,” gorgeous implies a rich splendor especially in display of color.

What is the Bengali meaning of Priti?

Priti is Bengali Girl name and meaning of this name is “Love, Bonding, Beautiful, Delight”.

What is the Bengali meaning of would?

would in Bangla: হয়েছিল

What do you call a beautiful woman?

admirable, adorable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fetching, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, inviting …

What are different ways to say beautiful?

synonyms for beautiful

  1. alluring.
  2. cute.
  3. dazzling.
  4. fascinating.
  5. fine.
  6. graceful.
  7. magnificent.
  8. marvelous.

Which is the most beautiful word in Bengali?

Beautiful meaning in Bengali will be “সুন্দর (Sundara)”. Gorgeous meaning in Bengali will be “টকটকে (Takatake)”. ✓ Multi Platform Support: Our translator is supported on all major platforms from Desktop, to Apple iPhone and Samsung / Xiaomi Readmi Android devices. ✓ High Accuracy Rate:

Is it possible to translate English to Bengali?

It is spoken by over 250 million people worldwide both as first and second language. For those whose first language is not Bengali, typing and translating English to Bengali can be difficult. There are many websites and agencies that provide online and offline translation and interpreting services.

What do you call people who speak Bengali?

– AND THEY ALL SPEAK BENGALI. Bengali’s hate ignorance, they are down to earth people and enjoys to be with cool, free minded people who show them a lot of respect and love. -Jon: wher’d u get tht good yay?

What kind of face does a Bengali have?

That’s why many Bengalis from Bangladesh have a very round face with high cheek bones, flat noses, small or chinky eyes, full lips, black strong hair, very short. Bengalis usually have a tan, or a very light brown color. Some do have a more tanned yellow skin.