What is my PTCL username and password?

What is my PTCL username and password?

Open web browser and type “192.168. 10.1” to get the access of the modem. Following window will pop up; input user name “admin” and password in printed at sticker on the bottom panel of modem(default password is last 5 digits of MAC address). If the connections are Ok, you will be directed to following page.

How can I check my Evo MB?

How do I check my account balance? A. To check your account balance, simply open the “soft phone” from your Evo Software and dial 1015. Press 2 after language selection to check the remaining balance in your account.

How do I connect my Evo to my laptop?

Connect computer A to rest of network (Switch / Computer) by using LAN cable > Connect computer A to the Internet using your PTCL EVO USB Device, Double Click on the evo connection adaptor > Go to Advance > Select “Allow other network users to connect through this copmuter’s internet connection”.

What is the password for the Wingle WiFi?

Wingle Wifi Password. password inside the wifi wingle see image below. heawei wingle wifi password. Change wingle wifi password. login Default user name : admin. Default Password : admin. after login , go to wlan. wingle wifi password change setting.

How can I Change my wifi password on my EVO Wingle?

How To Change Evo Wingle Wifi Password Plug your Wingle USB into a power source; like switch or connect to you Laptop or PC you would automatically be directed to an online user interface. Enter the default username and password “admin” (This is the same for every evo wingle)

What is the username and password on Huawei Wingle?

To log into the web user interface, use the username and password admin (both the same). If this is the first time ever logging into the modem, it will ask you to change the password. If LiveU has previously configured this modem, use the username “admin” and the password “liveu123” to login.

Where does the Wingle show up on my computer?

Once installed, the Wingle will show up to your laptop or computer as an ethernet port. By default, it uses the private network 192.168.8.x, where the Wingle itself is However, if LiveU has already configured this device, that may be changed to 192.168.10.x.