What is MultiPlan PHCS insurance?

What is MultiPlan PHCS insurance?

The PHCS and MultiPlan networks are networks of medical doctors and facilities that health plans use in order to provide a broader choice of healthcare providers offering discounted services to their members.

Is MultiPlan real insurance?

MultiPlan is not a health insurance company and does not sell insurance directly or indirectly through agents or brokers.

What is the difference between PHCS and MultiPlan?

A PHCS logo on your health insurance card tells both you and your provider that a PHCS discount applies. Quality – MultiPlan applies rigorous criteria when credentialing providers for participation in the PHCS Network, so you can be assured you are choosing your healthcare provider from a high-quality network.

Is the Multiplan insurance the same as health insurance?

MultiPlan insurance plans are not regarded as traditional “health insurance.” Nevertheless, it is an essential part of the health insurance process. Insurance carriers will contract with MultiPlan PPO, who negotiate with the physicians in the network.

What does the Multiplan limited benefit plan logo mean?

A MultiPlan Limited Benefit Plan logo on your health insurance card informs both you and your provider that a MultiPlan discount applies.

How to find a doctor for a multiplan plan?

To find a provider, please follow the instructions on your ID card since your health plan may have a customized phone number or website for the plan. Otherwise, you may search for a doctor or facility here or call 1-888-342-7427.

Is the Multiplan PPO a good or bad plan?

It’s important to know that there are good plans that use the Multiplan PPO, and bad plans. The PPO is only the network of doctors and hospitals. It connects doctors to insurers, but the PPO does not pay doctors, insurers pay doctors. So the bottom line is: Multiplan is a good PPO. It is NOT insurance, it’s a network.