What is meant by prescribing cascade?

What is meant by prescribing cascade?

Prescribing cascade is defined as the situation in which a first drug administered to a patient causes adverse event signs and symptoms, that are misinterpreted as a new condition, resulting in a new medication being prescribed.

Which best describes a prescribing cascade?

Prescription cascade is the process whereby the side effects of drugs are misdiagnosed as symptoms of another problem, resulting in further prescriptions and further side effects and unanticipated drug interactions, which itself may lead recursively to further misdiagnoses and further symptoms.

What drugs are likely to be cascaded?

Many frequently prescribed drugs have been implicated in prescribing cascades. They include drugs for dementia, antihypertensives, sedatives, opioids, NSAIDs, antiepileptics, Page 2 | Volume 34 | NumBeR 6 | decemBeR 2011 163 www.australianprescriber.com antibiotics, and medicines for nausea.

Is Deprescribing safe?

Other reviews have investigated the impact of deprescribing in specific drug classes and specific settings (such as aged-care facilities and hospitals). This research generally suggested that deprescribing is safe (Table 1).

What do you need to know about the prescribing cascade?

The prescribing cascade 1 Summary. A prescribing cascade occurs when a new medicine is prescribed to ‘treat’ an adverse… 2 Introduction. Adverse events associated with medicines are common and place a significant burden on… 3 A prescribing cascade occurs when a new medicine is prescribed… 4 Drugs commonly involved in prescribing…

Is it common to prescribe medicine in Australia?

Pharmaceuticals play an important role in modern day healthcare, and prescribing is a very common activity in Australian general practice. However, there are significant harms associated with medicine use.

Are there any prescribing Cascades for Prochlorperazine?

Table 1 shows some of the prescribing cascades reported with these medicines. The cascades include the prescription of prochlorperazine to counteract drug-induced dizziness, antihypertensives to treat NSAID-induced hypertension and levodopa to manage metoclopramide-induced movement disorder.

Is it legal to prescribe S8 in Victoria?

As a general rule, S8 self-prescription is not permitted except in a very limited set of emergency situations. In Victoria, no self S4 or S8 prescribing is allowed under any circumstances. Prescribing for family – There are no specific legal restrictions for prescribing S4 drugs for a practitioner’s family.