What is logiq E9?

What is logiq E9?

The GE Logiq E9 is GE’s premium flagship radiology ultrasound system. With extraordinary image quality in all applications across all body types the E9 is a remarkable replacement for the Sequoia, Toshiba Aplio and previous GE premium radiology platforms like the Logiq 7 and Logiq 9.

How do you do ultrasound elastography?

During an ultrasound (Fibroscan) elastography:

  1. You will lie on an examination table on your back, with your right abdominal area exposed.
  2. A radiology technician will spread gel on your skin over the area.
  3. He or she will place a wand-like device, called a transducer, on the area of skin that covers your liver.

What is shear wave elastography liver?

Shear wave elastography is an ultrasound applied technique used to measure tissue stiffness as a result of a disease. So, it can be used to evaluate liver stiffness as a result of liver cirrhosis and could correlate it with esophageal varices.

How heavy is an ultrasound machine?

Manufacturers Philips® and General Electric® appeared to have the greatest diversity in models. The weights of the portable ultrasound machines vary between ten to twenty pounds. Non-portable ultrasound machines weigh considerably more than portable machines and have significantly larger builds.

Is the LogiQ E9 xdclear 2.0 for radiology?

The LOGIQ E9 XDclear 2.0 is a versatile system designed to meet your specific clinical challenges for your particular care setting. For ultrasound imaging in radiology, clinicians need to image a wide variety of patients in a multitude of settings across a wide range of studies.

What is LogiQ xdclear 2.0 shear wave elastography?

LOGIQ E9 XDclear 2.0 Solution Shear Wave Elastography offers clinicians an advanced level of diagnostic information for the evaluation of tissue stiffness to accurately diagnose liver disease.

What is the CPT code for diagnostic elastography?

• CPT code 0346T is classified as a Category III CPT code which is given to examinations considered to be emerging and not yet a standard of care. Unlike the permanent Category I CPT

How is shear wave elastography used in medical practice?

None;TECHNIQUE: GE LOGIQ E9 SHEAR WAVE ELASTOGRAPHY was utilized for data acquistion. Ten separate measurements of the right hepatic lobe were obtained at end respiration, using an intercostal window at a depth of 1 – 3 cm from the hepatic capsule in fasting patients. All measurements are stored on PACS.