What is injector control module?

What is injector control module?

The Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) sends an electrical impulse to the injector, to deliver the correct amount of fuel to the engine cylinder at the precise moment it’s needed. It’s vitally important to the engine’s performance and fuel economy.

What is an injection module?

Injector driver modules, also known as IDMs, work with the central computer system and the fuel injection system in a vehicle. Each engine operates the injection system differently. For example, a Power Stroke engine uses cylinders to supply fuel to the engine.

What does the injector driver module do?

The Diesel Injector Driver Module works with your vehicle’s fuel injection system and engine control unit (ECU) to control the fuel injection timing and amount of fuel that enters the ignition valve. It does this by supplying the injector solenoids with a stepped-up voltage to open and close the injection valves.

What causes injector driver failure?

When the ECU driver circuit turns on, current flows to ground through the injector solenoid coil. Without this control of the current flow through the injector, the solenoid coil would overheat, causing injector failure.

How do PD injectors work?

The injection on PD cars is timed by specific lobes on the cam, which open and close valves to allow fuel into the injector. Once the fuel gets into the injector, its pressure skyrockets to about 27800 psi. Essentially, these little injectors act as their own little high-pressure fuel pumps.

What happens when fuel injectors go bad?

Dirty fuel injectors may cause your vehicle’s engine to misfire. This problem makes the motor feel as though it is sputtering — sending vibrations through the car. Such misfires can happen when a fuel injector problem mixes up the delicate balance between fuel and air entering the engine.

What can cause fuel injectors not to spray?

If it does not spray, the problem is the injector or no fuel pressure. The injector should have around 1.3 ohms of resistance, if it is open or zero resistance, it is bad. The injector could be totally clogged as well. Fuel pressure should be 9 to 13 psi.

Is the FICM part of the fuel injector?

The FICM is the Fuel Injector Control Module that sends the signal to the injector to open or close. Bosch refers to it as an ECU. This is a remanufactured unit that has a one year parts only warranty. Due to the high number of bad cores we received back, we are out of exchange units.

What kind of fuel injection control module do I Need?

Remanufactured fuel injection control (F.I.C.M) module. This is the highest quality replacement module on the market! Fits 2004.5-2005 Chevy / GMC 2500HD / 3500HD LLY. Plug and play – no programming required!

When to replace a Duramax LLY Fuel Injection Control Module?

Fits 2004.5-2005 Chevy / GMC 2500HD / 3500HD LLY. Plug and play – no programming required! NOTE: Before replacing a FICM for an injector related fault code check and make sure there is not an injector or injector related circuit fault.