What is i-TTL mode on Meike mk900?

What is i-TTL mode on Meike mk900?

What’s more, the MK900 has some new special part and upgraded the function. i-TTL mode: Monitor pre-flashes are fired at all times, the subject is correctly exposed by the light from the flash lighting and the exposure is less affected by ambient light

Is the mk900 compatible with the Nikon hot shoe mount?

The New Product – Flash MK900 for is compatible with Nikon camera with the Nikon standard hot shoe mount. What’s more, the MK900 has some new special part and upgraded the function.

What does AF assist illuminator do on Meike mk900?

AF-Assist illuminator: in autofocus operation, the MK900 emits AF-Assist illumination, which matches the wider AF area of CLS-compatible cameras. With cameras supporting this function, autofocus photography in dim lighting is possible even when the camera’s focus point (focus area) is changed

Is the Meike mt24ii out of stock?

Notice: The MT24II flash for Sony is out of stock temporally, now it’s only for pre-sale. The estimated shipping date is in the early of June. Sor… Meike MK-MT24 2.4G Wireless Close-Up Speedlight Macro Twin Lite Flash for Nikon F-Mount Z-Mont Digital SLR Cameras D1X D2 D2H D2X D3 D3X D200 D300

What is the Meike MK-600 Speedlite flash unit?

Introduction: The MK-600 Speedlite is the EOS-dedicated,hight-out flash unit automatically compatible with E-TTL 2,E-TTL and TTL autoflash .IT ca… Product Description Product model : VK410 Flash mode:M/S1/S2 Product color temperature: 5600K Rotate up and down: 0-90° Rotate left and right:…

Is the Meike mk-mt24ii 2.4g Twin Lite Flash compatible?

Meike MK-MT24II 2.4G Wireless Macro Close-up Twin Lite Flash fit for Canon EF-Mount RF-Mount Digital SLR Cameras Notice: The MT24II flash for Cano… “Compatibility: Canon Rebel T5i T4i T3i T3 T2i T1i XSi XTi SL1, EOS 700D 650D 600D 1100D 550D 500D 450D 400D 100D 300D 50D 60D 70D 90D 5D 5D4 6D 7…

When did the JCM900 master volume Mk III come out?

A new decade demanded a new sound. Enter the JCM900. Released in January 1990, the JCM900 boasted higher gain and lower noise coupled with the classic Marshall tone. The series was originally comprised of the single channel Hi-Gain Master Volume MK III and the two channel Hi-Gain Dual Reverb.