What is famous in Temburong?

What is famous in Temburong?

The top attractions to visit in Temburong District are:

  • Ulu Temburong National Park.
  • Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park.
  • Temburong River.
  • Ulu Ulu National Park Resort.
  • Az Back To Nature Tour Service.

What to do at Temburong?

Top five activities to try

  • Temurai long boat ride. As mentioned earlier, the Ulu Temburong National Park is located upstream from the river.
  • Ulu Mutong waterfalls.
  • Temburong river water tubing.
  • Canopy walk at Belalong.
  • Temburong river white water rafting.

How do you get to Ulu Temburong National park?

It takes approximately 2 hours to get to the park. The first stage of the journey is a 45-minute speed boat ride from Bandar Seri Begawan to the small town of Bangar. After travelling a short distance along the Brunei River you will enter the Brunei Bay before heading up the Temburong River and arriving in Bangar.

What is Wajid Temburong?

Wajid, steamed rice sweet in taste, dark in colour, and beautifully wrapped in green nyirik leave has been a popular cake among Bruneians. When asked where one can find the delicious wajid, Temburong District is the answer. Once the coconut cream has boiled, the sugar and cooked rice will be added in.

What are the best things to do in Temburong District?

Temburong River 4. Ulu Ulu National Park Resort 5. Az Back To Nature Tour Service 6. Bangar Heritage Walking Trail 7. Tamu Muhibbah Aneka Rasa 8. Masjid Utama Mohammad Salleh 9. Labu Estate Rubber Industrial Site 10. The 1962 Monument What are the top attractions to visit in Temburong District?

How long is the Temburong Bridge in Brunei?

Stretching at a remarkable 30km long, Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Bridge becoming one of the longest bridges in Southeast Asia. The dual-carriageway bridge was opened in March 2020, with the…

How tall is the Belalong tower in Brunei?

The Belalong Canopy Walkway is considered to by many to be one of Brunei’s most majestic locations. Walk across five connected towers with a canopy height of over 43 meters.