What is Eddy Merckx nickname?

What is Eddy Merckx nickname?

The Cannibal
The monster
Eddy Merckx/Nicknames

He acquired the nickname “The Cannibal”, suggested by the daughter of a teammate upon being told by her father of how Merckx would not let anyone else win. Merckx achieved 525 victories over his eighteen-year career.

Was Eddy Merckx a sprinter?

Of the five riders to win the Points classification in all three Grand Tours, three were pure sprinters: Djamolidine Abdoujaparov, Alessandro Petacchi and Mark Cavendish. The other two were all-rounders Eddy Merckx and Laurent Jalabert. Peter Sagan won a record seven Points classification in the Tour de France.

What kind of bike does Eddy Merckx ride?

The Lavaredo68 is a true endurance-oriented Gran Fondo race bike. Its roots date back to the 1968 Giro. With Felice Gimondi in the mix, the Italians had a fellow countryman as favourite for their national Grand Tour. But it was Merckx who showed himself to be the strongest of them all, with stage 12 as absolute proof of that.

Can you change the logo on an Eddy Merckx?

The MyMerckx Retro will have a retro design where you can change the base colour and the second colour. To top it off, the retro Eddy Merckx logo will be used on the down tube and head tube. A design which is timeless and always good-looking. Select one base colour and a second colour for the logo.

What kind of RIM does Eddy Merckx Rs10 have?

The RS10’s 24mm rim aids aerodynamics, and the stainless steel bladed spoke count is suitably low. They’re well sealed too, with labyrinth and contact seals – easy to care for, smooth and with an air of quality.

Is there a customization program for Merckx bikes?

Thanks to the MyMerckx customization program every Merckx rider will have the possibility to create the bike of his dreams and to be unique. The program offers 3 options for every bike: Every Merckx model has its own specific design scheme. It gives every platform a characteristic that’s just a perfect fit.