What is assertive sentence give example?

What is assertive sentence give example?

A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called an assertive or declarative sentence. Assertive sentence ends with a period. He likes to play chess. They are singing a song.

What are the types of assertive sentences?

Declarative sentences, which are the commonest type of sentences, are also known as assertive sentences. Declarative or assertive sentences are the sentences that state a fact or opinion. They can be again divided into two types of sentences known as affirmative and negative sentences.

What are 10 examples of assertive sentence?


  • Alex is a good baseball player.
  • He plays for the Rockers club.
  • He always gives his best effort in the team.
  • He is a good leader.
  • I like him for his intensity.
  • He plays with passion.
  • Alex feels awkward when someone gives a compliment to him.
  • He is a humble man.

What are 10 example of assertive?

10 Examples of Assertive Behaviour That’ll Bring You Success in the Workplace

Action Assertive behaviour
Voice/Speech Firm Warm Well-paced Non-accusatory
Face/Eyes Comfortable Direct eye contact Firm but kind expression Appropriate smiling
Body language Relaxed Upright Open Calm hand gestures Respect for personal space

What are assertive sentences give example?

Here are some examples of assertive sentences. She likes writing on sounds of birds . She doesn’t like crowd places. Her brother copies sounds of animals. It was raining. Honesty is the best policy. The students were attending the class. The Sun rises in the East.

How do you use assertiveness in a sentence?

Assertiveness training has rarely featured much in religious traditions.

  • Her voice was sharp with urban assertiveness.
  • Here are some basic assertiveness techniques: Three-part messages: This formula can help you express messages that make you feel uncomfortable.
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  • How to use “assertiveness” in a sentence?

    But such a lack of assertiveness could cost patients their lives.

  • however.
  • The best step is to increase your assertiveness with this prospect.
  • Jones often kept her assertiveness in reserve.
  • Fogarty said demographic changes help explain the assertiveness of lay Catholics.