What is an Xtreme Bluetooth receiver?

What is an Xtreme Bluetooth receiver?

Add wireless audio streaming to your home or car stereo with the Xtreme Bluetooth Wireless Receiver. Its built-in microphone will also enable hands-free talking through the connected device. It has a 33′ Bluetooth transmission range, and is designed to pair with any Bluetooth device.

Can I use Bluetooth receiver as transmitter?

A Bluetooth Transmitter does the opposite. To use this, your receiving device (speaker/ headphones) must be Bluetooth. If they are not already – you can turn them Bluetooth with a Bluetooth Receiver so that the audio can be transferred seamlessly between devices.

When does the Xtreme wireless music receiver turn blue?

XTREME User manual Item# 51901 Bluetooth@ Wireless Music Receiver FaCtS The light will change to blue when the receiver is fully charge. Sometimes the light will not turn blue at all. You can have one of 3 different ways that the receiver will inform you that it is charging.

What kind of battery does a Bluetooth music receiver need?

Bluetooth Wireless Music Receiver @ Audio Receiver USB Charging Cable 3.5mm Male to Male Adapter User’s Manual Bluetooth@ Wireless Music Receiver Overview MFB 3.5mm Male Connector Charging Socket Dual-color Indicator Battery information The device is equipped with an integrated lithium-polymer battery.

How to charge your xtremecables music receiver battery?

Charging the battery The Music Receiver is operated with a rechargeable battery. Charge the battery completely before its first use. 1) 2) 3) Connect USB cable to a general USB power supplier. The red indicator light will turn on while the charger is connected. Charging the battery fully may take up to 2 hour.

How to turn on Bluetooth @ wireless music receiver?

Turning Bluetooth@ Wireless Music Receiver on /off Turning on Press and hold MFB for 2 seconds, the Blue indicator light will flash blue 3 times, it is now turned on. Connecting to a Bluetooth@ phone If it has completed the pairing process successfully, it will connect to the phone you last connected automatically while it turns on.