What is an item in Zabbix?

What is an item in Zabbix?

Item types cover various methods of acquiring data from your system. Each item type comes with its own set of supported item keys and required parameters. The following items types are currently offered by Zabbix: Zabbix agent checks. SNMP agent checks.

How do I make a Zabbix item?

To create an item in Zabbix frontend, do the following:

  1. Go to: Configuration → Hosts.
  2. Click on Items in the row of the host.
  3. Click on Create item in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Enter parameters of the item in the form.

What is a Zabbix appliance?

Zabbix Appliance Overview. The Zabbix Appliance is a pre-installed Linux server plus Zabbix server. Mainly you do not get to choose the type of back-end database that Zabbix will use (it will be MySQL version 8 as per Zabbix 4.2. 3) nor the flavor of Linux for the underlying operating system (it is Ubuntu 16.0.

What are Zabbix macros?

Macros are variables, identified by a {MACRO} syntax, and resolve to a specific value depending on the context. Effective use of macros allows to save time and make Zabbix configuration more transparent. In one of typical uses, a macro may be used in a template.

What can I do with a Zabbix appliance?

As an alternative to setting up manually or reusing an existing server for Zabbix, users may download a Zabbix appliance or a Zabbix appliance installation CD image. Zabbix appliance and installation CD versions are based upon the following OS : Zabbix appliance installation CD can be used for instant deployment of Zabbix server (MySQL).

Which is the latest version of Zabbix software?

The latest version of Appliance is based on Ubuntu Linux with MySQL back-end. Zabbix software is pre-installed and pre-configured for trouble free deployment. You can use this Appliance to evaluate Zabbix. The Appliance is not intended for serious production use at this time.

How big of disk space do I need for Zabbix?

Zabbix appliance installation CD can be used for instant deployment of Zabbix server (MySQL). Disk space: at least 8 GB should be allocated for the virtual machine. Zabbix appliance contains a Zabbix server (configured and running on MySQL) and a frontend. Zabbix virtual appliance is available in the following formats:

Where to find the log item in Zabbix?

Let’s go to documentation. Just like any other item, the log item has a full explanation with examples — explanation of the parameters, what does what in our documentation. To find this, go to Configuration > Items > Item types > Zabbix agent and here you will find the log item.