What is an expression in English grammar?

What is an expression in English grammar?

1a : an act, process, or instance of representing in a medium (such as words) : utterance freedom of expression. b(1) : something that manifests, embodies, or symbolizes something else this gift is an expression of my admiration for you. (2) : a significant word or phrase.

What is expression in English subject?

expression noun (SHOWING) B2 [ C or U ] the act of saying what you think or showing how you feel using words or actions: He wrote her a poem as an expression of his love.

What’s an expression in English examples?

The definition of an example of expression is a frequently used word or phrase or it is a way to convey your thoughts, feelings or emotions. An example of an expression is the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned.” An example of an expression is a smile. An expression of scorn.

What does the value of an expression mean?

The value of a mathematical expression is the result of the computation described by this expression when the variables and constants in it are assigned values. The value of a function, given the value (s) assigned to its argument (s), is the value assumed by the function for these argument values.

What is meant by the expression?

Synonyms of expression. 1 an act, process, or means of putting something into words. the poem is his expression of his grief upon the loss of his beloved wife. Synonyms for expression. articulation, formulation, phrasing, statement, utterance,

What does give expression mean?

Definition of give expression to. : to make known (feelings, thoughts, etc.) : to express She is always looking for new ways to give expression to her ideas.

What is a sentence using expression?

” He had a blank expression on his face after hearing the news. ” ” She couldn’t understand the strange expression on his face. ” ” He maintained a calm expression. ” ” He could tell from their anxious expressions that they were worried.