What is AMD E1 processor?

What is AMD E1 processor?

The AMD E1-1200 (codename Zacate) is a dual core processor for small notebooks and netbooks. It offers a relatively powerful integrated graphics card and a single channel DDR3-1066 memory controller. The integrated Radeon HD 7310 graphics card offers 80 shaders and an UVD3 video processor.

How good is AMD E1 2100?

Due to the low clock speed of just 1.0 GHz, the performance is quite modest and similar to the old AMD C-60. For simple office and multimedia tasks, the E1-2100 has sufficient power; however, it will quickly reach its limits in more demanding applications and games.

Is AMD Radeon R2 Graphics good for gaming?

Radeon R2 6110 Game Requirement Analysis Radeon R2 6110 is an integrated Graphics Card in the APU E2-6110 Quad-Core. The card is only suited for gaming below 720p and not all modern demanding games can be played, even at least on low settings.

What is AMD 4 processor?

The AMD A4-5300 is a low-end desktop APU based on the Trinity architecture. The chip is produced ​​in a 32nm process and integrates 1 module with 2 CPU cores clocked at 3.4 up to 3.6 GHz. The CPU cores are based on a reworked Bulldozer architecture called Piledriver. …

What kind of processor is the AMD E1 1200?

The AMD E1 1200, codenamed Zacate, is a notebook processor by AMD, sporting two cores, each of which clock at 1.4GHz.

When did the AMD e1-6010 apu come out?

We’ve benchmarked 346 CPU units to provide a trusted benchmark score for this AMD’s 2-core processor. AMD E1-6010 APU was released in 2014 and supports FT3b socket.

Is the AMD e1-6010 graphics so slow?

I have a laptop with an AMD E1-6010 APU R2 Graphics, which is terribly slow, to the point of not being able to handle simple web browsing (CPU Usage goes to 100% with a single tab open). Updated drivers, clean-installed Windows, then switched to Linux. No difference.