What is Afifi?

What is Afifi?

The word Afifi is defined as “a characteristic of a woman who is virtuous and refrains from anything crude or vulgar”. Afifi Shriners, founded in 1888, was one of the first Shrine Centers to be established in the Pacific Northwest.

What does the Shriner symbol mean?

The two claws are for the Shriners fraternity and its philanthropy. The five-pointed star represents the thousands of children helped by the philanthropy each year. The emblem also bears the phrase “Robur et Furor,” which means “Strength and Fury.”

What does the Masonic symbol mean?

Freemason Symbols Aren’t What You Think. The “All-Seeing Eye,” or Eye of Providence, while not designed by Masons, has been used by the group to represent the omniscience of God. The most well-known Freemason symbol, “The Square and Compasses,” depicts a builder’s square joined by a compass.

What are the symbols of the Masons and Shriners?

The “Tubal Cane” pin worn by some Masons symbolizes the male genitals tubal=two balls; cane=male phallus. Shriners Note the head below the sword. That is the image of a Pharaoh! This is nothing more the Paganism all wrapped up in a nice package. Also note the Sword and its overall design. Its Arabic and related to Islam!

When did the Shriners change their name to Shriners?

The organization was previously known as “Shriners North America”. The name was changed in 2010 across North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Is the Shriners Hospital for children a nonprofit organization?

Shriners Hospitals for Children is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, meaning that they rely on the generosity of donors to cover the cost of treatment for their patients. In 2008]

Where are the Shriners of the Mystic Shrine located?

Shriners International, also commonly known as The Shriners or formerly known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, (AAONMS) is a Masonic society established in 1870 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.