What is a reference check template?

What is a reference check template?

Reference checking template for hiring new employees You can use this template to help you check your applicant’s references when you are hiring for a new job. Reference checks can help you verify the claims made by applicants in their interview and help you make more informed hiring decisions.

How do you write a reference check?


  1. Identify yourself, your title, organization name and tell them you are calling about a reference for a candidate you are considering.
  2. Ask if now is a good time to talk or whether they would rather schedule a call at a later time.

What should a list of references include?

What Information to Include on Your Reference Sheet

  • Name.
  • Current Job/Position.
  • Company.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email Address.
  • Reference Description: Write one sentence explaining how you know or have worked with this person, where, when, and for how long. (Check out the example below to see what this looks like in action.)

What should be included in a sample reference checklist?

Decide which information you need from the respondent. Usually, this will include their name, relationship to the applicant and contact phone number or email. Include this information at the top of the checklist. Many companies also ask how long the respondent has known the applicant. 3. Write job experience questions

How to create a job application reference checklist?

In order to fill positions with the most qualified applicants, companies must verify job application information to ensure qualifications, references and experience are correctly listed. Use this template and example to create a sample reference checklist for your company. Are you a job seeker? Find jobs. What is a reference checklist?

What can a reference check template do for You?

The reference check template is predictor which can assess future success by checking past performance. The reference check template help you rank candidates and move to a final selection.

Do you have to check your reference list?

You have to check with every person on your reference list to see if their contact information is up to date and you have to make sure that they are available and willing to give information should the time comes that it is needed.